According to our name "Ein Herz für Kenia Nürnberg e.V." we are an organization with a heart for Kenya - for the people there, who live in extreme poverty, first of all orphans, but also widows and other needy persons. Our organization is a non-profit one and donations are tax deductible.

​We work directly in Kenya. Our chairwoman owns a very large piece of land in Kenya (Kibwezi / Makuene) and we have already started to arrange a charitable work there.

​We intend to build a supply centre (with children's homes, schools, health centre, hospital ward with ambulance, women's house, church, locations for professional education etc.). Furthermore the communities there also are to be supplied with drinking water, food, clothes etc. For the children (in the meantime we take care of about 130 children and adolescents) sponsorships are offered to provide them with the most desperately needs (food, clothes, accommodation, school fees, sanitary products and medical care). For a sponsorship you should invest 20 Euros monthly  (= ca. 22.5 US $ = 2.275.45 KES).

​Basic requirement for everything is the supply with fresh water. Previously the water had to be dragged for kilometers with heavy water canisters, scooped of unpurified standpipes for to be supplied with the most needy volume of water.

In the meantime - aided by a private loan of money - water was found and a well could be dug which was finished recently. Now the water system has to be expanded more, pipelines have to be installed and water reservoirs should be built, besides other water wells are planned, to supply humans and animals in the whole region with the desperately needed clean water and to discourage any crisis of drought, pestilence or hunger. In the middle of 2016 we startet with our first buildung, which was ready in January 2017. The next time this building will serve for multiple reasons (services, group meetings, gatherings, kindergarten etc.). In the beginning of 2019 our first orphan's home was finished. In addition 2019 a fence was built round the whole area.In 2020, the construction of a school for grades 1-8 began, which was completed at the beginning of 2021 and has since started operating.

Furthermore the sanitation of the settlements has to be improved. The residents shall be trained to use the  available resources fully. Besides their  awareness for health and hygiene shall be trained.

​A free Christian church which is already involved to the project shall be supported and integrated more into the work by services, evangelistic activities, children's hours, women's work and organized recreational activities.

​In each facility qualified workers are needed and so new workplaces are developed.

​Each donation is fully given to projects, because the initiators and organizers are working voluntarily.

Ein Herz für Kenia Nürnberg e.V.

Our Mission